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Dehydrator dried ,Hygienic dried tomatoes by Aaswad. A delicious accompaniment that goes great with soups, salads, hummus, toast. Sun-dried Tomatoes are a must in every kitchen. Sun dried tomatoes have 12 times more antioxidants than raw tomatoes! Ours are hygienically dried with dryers in 500 gram packing. Chop them and let them steep in hot water for a minimum of 15 mins, then drain them before using The tomatoes are high in lycopene, antioxidants and vitamin C, and low in sodium, fat and calories

Sun Dried Tomatoes by Aaswad (500 grams)

وحدة SKU: ASDT500A0001
خيارات السعر
شراء لمرة واحدة
Sun Dried tomatoes
Hygenically dried tomatoes
460.00₹كل شهر حتى الإلغاء
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